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You'd BETTER give me thanks for making you this damn Thanksgiving dinner!

2009-11-19 19:57:52 by JHaley

(Huh, my last post got two spammers within five minutes! That's a record for me if ever I've seen one!)

Back on topic, Thanksgiving is coming up. My girlfriend's cousin, Chris, has a week off for Thanksgiving break. And, as always, I am left to prepare everything.

Here's just a short list of the things I need to do for Thanksgiving:

1. get the turkey
2. get sodas and other beverages
3. clean the house
4. make things look "Fall-y" enough for everybody
5. cook the turkey
6. make mashed potatoes
7. make salad
8. make stuffin'
9. stuff turkey
10. turn the channel to football
11. set up video game consoles (my friends and I do LAN parties every holiday gathering we have.)
12. remove Ryu's freakin' cat from the lasagna dish
13. make lasagna
14. remove Ryu's freakin' cat from the batter bowl
15. make pumpkin pie
16. remove Leif's freakin' dog from the bathroom
17. clean bathroom

The list goes on and on and on, so I won't put anymore than that.

On another note entirely: the kids who were whining about me not liking Call of Duty have gone strangely silent. Does the fact that I don't care absolutely dumbfound them, or are they busy BAAAAAAAAWWWWW-ing about it to their online buddies?


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