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Dickin' around leads to pain...

2009-11-14 22:46:57 by JHaley

I've got nothing better to do...

A six pack of beer...

A half-melted copy of CoD MW 2...

And my buddy Leif is sitting right next to me...

What to do...

I'll let Leif decide this one.

Let's just dick around.

Good idea!


So, while playing around with Halo 3: ODST (Yes, I was playing it), Leif comes up with this ingenious idea: Why not try and play two video games at the same time, on the same console?

Obviously, I asked how much crack he was on, and if he was insane.

The answers, respectively, were none, and no.

So, we tried it.

And we blew up my 360 in the process.

Now Leif owes me a new 360, a new Halo 3: ODST video game, a new Kengo: Legend of the Nine video game, a new memory card, and a new account with Bungie.

Fuck you, Leif. Fuck you with a fork.


(wrench pwns u)

Dickin' around leads to pain...


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2010-06-09 23:44:35

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