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Call of Dumbass-Game-Makers: Modern Waste-Of-Time 2

2009-11-12 18:37:38 by JHaley

Just to note, I'ma hold off on the RP thing for a bit, until we get it up and going again. You'd probably be amazed at how little progress we've made in it.

So, on another note altogether, I got myself a copy of MW2. And so far, I really don't like it. Don't get me wrong, there were some games in the CoD series that did actually grab my attention for more than a minute, mind you, I'm not saying I like them, but this one just pisses me off. If they were trying for a better CoD game, they failed miserably, in my honest-to-god opinion.

That's all I've got for today. Later.


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2009-11-12 19:04:03

well then you are an fucking retard who dosent like video games or just sucks at them all together because your a retarded douche bag it was the best of all cod's not including treyarch's bull shit trash that you must have make a long story short your a fucking idiot

JHaley responds:

To make an even more pointless comment short:

Like I give a fuck what you think.


2009-11-13 01:02:06

wow killboy is like the prime example of a CoDfanboy ready to defend the name of CoD (which isnt a really great one to start with anyway) at the slightest insult to this game which i agree was horrible and should be disposed of immediately

JHaley responds:

Did you know if you tell a noob to his face that he sucks, you have .003 seconds of peace before he blows up in your face?

Use that time to grab earmuffs.