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Yet moar RP

2009-11-07 03:49:05 by JHaley

This came later than I expected to put it off, but here's the next part of the RP. Oh, and before I begin, the main characters weren't just me, Bryce, Leif and Salem, there were some other guys who acted as "swap-able characters". You'll meet a couple here.


When we last left our heroes, Jason foolishly took my advice and decided to fight the big evil demon thing.

Currently, we are on round 200, and the statistics are as follows:

Demon HP: 3798 / 4000

Jason HP: 50% (You got lucky, that one shot should have killed you)
Bryce HP: 97% (Due to all his armor)
Leif HP: 100% (Due to high dexterity and stamina)
Salem HP: 0% (He got pwn't in round 1.)

Healing items left: 45 / 100

--Man! This boss fight is worse than that one somewhere in Nevada!

Why do you continue to bring up the fight against Hank?


Whatever. Continuing the fight:

Jason attacks!

For 1000 damage!


Lucky shot.

Bryce attacks!

And misses!

Leif attacks!

For 200 damage!

--Thank god for small favors.

Yes, but you should heal Salem soon. You know... before your turn is over?

--Oh, shit!

Jason uses Heal-Teria (Wait, you use materia?) on Salem!

Salem gains 50% HP!

Salem attacks!

For 1000 damage!

--Revenge of the fallen, ftw.

No kidding.

Demon attacks!

And misses!

Jason counterattacks!

For 1000 damage!

--Good grief, this guy's not as tough as I was thinking he would be.

He's the first boss of the game, he's supposed to be a pushover. This IS in RPG format, you know.

--Ah. Touche.

Now then!

Bryce attacks!

For 1000 damage!

Boss defeated!

Party gains lewtz!

Jason gains level!

Bryce gains level!

Leif gains level!

Salem gains level!


Yes, Jason. W00tles.

--So, now what?

Jason and crew, having freed the village from oppression by the dark forces of the big evil guy in charge of this whole mess who is so obvious an enemy that one must wonder how he escaped the public eye for so long, bid the villagers adieu and leave to venture to new lands, but end up in a really tall grass field filled with FROG-


Sorry, copyright issues. We'll call them VALKYRIE soldiers, which are this story's version of FROG soldiers. The field is filled with them, and they're like robotic ninjas, so it is well advised that you either snatch their suits, or fight them when they catch you, or try and be sneaky

--Their suits turn to stone when they die.

Scratch that, then.

--And they have heat sensors in their helmet visors.


--And we're not sneaky worth a DAMN.

So... you'll be doing some fighting, then. But! Luckily for you, you come across a new member!


Name: Max
Age: 18
Gender: M
Class: Demoguy

Welcome, Demoguy Max!


Max has been accepted into your team, and he hands the team each spare weapons that he isn't using. He appears to be a fan of the big rocket launcher weapons, reserving a retail Spartan Laser for his own purposes.

Slowly, your team moves through the tall grass, until you come across a group of VALKYRIE soldiers. Max pulls and holds the trigger, charging the laser. Then, as soon as one VALKYRIE is near, he pops up and screams, "I'MA FIRIN' MAH LAZAHR!!!", and blasts the soldier in the face.

This fight shall be continued.

(Pic unrelated, I thought it was kinda' cute.)

Yet moar RP


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