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Moar RP

2009-11-02 23:34:36 by JHaley

Even more RP.


So, skipping past all the unnecessary leveling, your party is now a combined level of 45.


And the demon is level 1000.

--Son of a bitch.

Yes, I know, it's quite discouraging that you can only go to level 99.


Now now, would you rather be level 1 forever?


Now then, shall we continue?

Your mechanic is currently gathering items for better weapons and equipment, even though your current load out is the perfect gear up until three towns from now. Your sniper keeps taking random pot shots at the demon, maybe attempting to kill it with head shots, and keeps getting throttled because of it. Not a pretty sight. Your ninja is busily looting the townsfolk. What are you doing?

--Planning my next move towards the big evil dude.

Did you know that level 45 is actually the prime level to kill that demon thing, if properly equipped?

--And you waited to tell me this because...?

Suspense, of course.

--You suck.

Sticks and stones, Jason. Sticks and stones.

So, what will you do?

--Fight the big evil demon dude, I guess.

Good choice!


Big Evil Demon Boss
HP: ???
MP: ???
Special: Insta-pwn
Lewtz: 4,000 monies

--Aw, hell.

Oh, come now, sport! You can do it!

In the next installment!

(PS: Current uniforms for the team look something like this pic)

Moar RP


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2009-11-02 23:46:49

Interesting. Looking forward to see more. ^_^

JHaley responds:



2009-11-03 00:06:17

Why was I not informed of this RP, Jason? I could have made a very big impact on the story.

JHaley responds:

That's kinda why I didn't tell you.

You make a big impact on everything we do, and not in a good way.