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Fooling around with an RP

2009-10-30 00:12:05 by JHaley

A running RP I have going with Salem, Leif, and Emmet (Bryce. I always call him by his last name). Not sure what to call it, but we fool around with it in our spare time.


Create character!

Age: 19
Gender: M
Class: Assassin

Welcome, Assassin Jason!


Create character!

Name: LEIF
Age: 18
Gender: M
Class: Sniper

Welcome, Sniper Leif!


Create character!

Age: 18
Gender: M
Class: Mechanic

Welcome, Mechanic Bryce!


Form your team!

Leader: Jason
Vice-Captain: Leif
Crew: Bryce


Commander in chief: Jason, Leif
Medical Assistance: Bryce, Leif
Sniper: Leif, Jason
Mechanic: Bryce, duh.
Spy: Jason
Communications: Bryce
Zombie-Slayer-ifier: All
Walking Tank: Bryce (He's wearing all the armor. And not giving any to us.)
Chef: Jason
Shoop Whooper: Leif


Your team arrives at a small village. In this small village is a hospital, a restaurant, a hotel, a car shop, a gun shop, a bank, a grocery and general supplies store, and a church. What do you do?

--Jason has team split up and gather supplies.

Jason's team goes to gather supplies while Jason books a room at the hotel. Then Jason goes and checks out the car shop for a bit, drooling over a Harley Davidson.

Bryce spends 1000 monies on potions, ethers, foods, and medical backpacks.

Leif spends 3000 monies on weapons, then goes and eats dinner for 54 monies.

Jason spends 10,000 monies on cheap motorcycles and fashions supply baskets out of some wires, then drapes baskets over the seats of each bike.

Leif doesn't like the food and promptly shoop-whoops the restaurant. Civilians loose -9999 HP.

Bryce gets hit by a car and is forced to use a Medical Backpack to recover his lost 2500 HP.

--Wait, there's cars here?!

Yes, Jason. There are cars here.


Shall we return to the plot?

--Yes, please.

Jason returns to the plot to see Bryce crawling through the streets with a black eye, several bruises, and mangled legs. Meanwhile, Leif jogs by with several police cars, three ambulances, and fifty helicopters trailing him. Maybe even a fire truck. The fire truck runs over Bryce. Again.

--Jump time: 5 hours

Jason does the Time Warp for five hours (That's longer than a Rocky Horror Picture Film gathering!) and lands in the hotel room, with Bryce in a full body cast, and Leif in a spit guard and restraint chair, surrounded by fifty guards. Some of them are from the Rainbow Six video games.

--Heal Bryce, free Leif

All ailments cured!

Now that everything if normal once more, Jason begins planning, and equipping his team with their new gear.


JASON: new gear: Zero Bodysuit, Dark Hood, Merc Knife

Defense: 23 <=> 42
Attack: 45 <=> 66
Magic: 67<=> 69
M.Def: 54 <=> 60
Stamina: 45 <=> 56
Endurance: 100 <=> 123
Dexterity: 99 <=> 108

New special attack: Merc Knife induces x5 stacked crippling poison on anybody hit by it.


LEIF: new gear: Zero Bodysuit, Cross-Com Eyepiece, TakTek Tactical Forest Sniper Rifle Variant

Defense: 66 <=> 77
Attack: 100 <=> 118
Magic: 67 <=> 76
M.Def: 54 <=> 65
Stamina: 56 <=> 76
Endurance: 100 <=> 120
Dexterity: 99 <=> 110

New special attack: TakTek Forest Variant lowers enemy ability to dodge attacks made by user.


BRYCE: new gear: Zero Bodysuit, Greasy Bandanna, Welding Torch

Defense: 99 <=> 108
Attack: 88 <=> 99
Magic: 68 <=> 68
M.Def: 54 <=> 54
Stamina: 77 <=> 79
Endurance: 100 <=> 130
Dexterity: 45 <=>73

New special attack: Welding Torch inflicts Fire ailment on all enemies hit by it.


Now that the team is properly equipped, by way of RPG physics, Jason manages to somehow sell the default uniforms and weapons from the confines of the hotel room. Talk about convenience, right?

The team turns in to their beds, and sleeps through a short 5-second black screen.

The next morning, or the after-effects of said black screen, Jason wakes up and explores the lobby... and meets PLAYER FOUR!!!


Age: 18
Gender: M
Class: Neen-jah!

Welcome, Ninja Salem!


Salem has been accepted into the party, and is given a spare Zero Bodysuit, a Clockwork Sword, and a Blast Trauma Helmet.


Salem: new gear: Zero Bodysuit, Blast Trauma Helmet, Clockwork Sword

Defense: 67 <=> 89
Attack: 99 <=> 108
Magic: 66 <=> 99
M.Def: 65 <=> 77
Stamina: 77 <=> 97
Dexterity: 87 <=> 107

New special attack: Clockwork Sword has a finisher attack that takes three turns to charge. It acts very much like a Shoop Whooper.


Now then! We move on!

The entire team does the Time Warp for fifteen minutes and ends up in a RANDOM ENCOUNTER!!!

HP: 34
MP: 00
Special: none
Drop: 999 monies, potion


Jason attacks!


--God damn it...

Enemy retaliates for 23 damage!


Leif attacks!



Enemy retaliates for 23 damage!


Bryce attacks!



Enemy retaliates!




Salem attacks!


--Wait, WHAT?!

Enemy dies!

Party gains lewtz!

--Uh... okay...


Continued later.


Fooling around with an RP


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