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2009-10-25 20:16:26 by JHaley

Flying to Japan. Salem decided to go easy and take me somewhere else where I wasn't automatically thinking that I would know where I was going.

We booked a flight to Nagoya, population: 2.2 mil., to check out a new place for once. Salem said his mother's roots were somewhere in Osaka, but they decided to move to Nagoya because of some event that ran them out. I didn't ask anymore questions.

We should be landing in about five more hours. Don't expect me to write when we land, I'll be dead on my feet.

Although, word to the wise, don't challenge me to a game of Paintball Wars when I'm either drunk or really really tired. I am living proof that boot camp sticks with you forever, 'cause when I'm hung over or sleepy, I'm twice as effective as when I'm not.

Oh yeah, and a map of Japan so you know exactly where in the world I am shall be included below. If you can't read the writing on it, well, I send my regards, but that's the only picture I can find:



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2009-10-25 21:31:13


JHaley responds:

...Said the nobody to Jason Haley.